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The benefits of pre-season training are well known by all.  The true value of well structured, qualified instructors, experienced coaches, high quality equipment, guaranteed progress and healthier, happier skiers is achieved with Learn2skate in-line skate programs. 

The Skate-2-Ski programs are focused on achieving the greatest possible results from training with good technique, with variety and with regularity.  The Skate-2-Ski programs will, through the dry land training activities best prepare the skater for the alpine skiing experience.



"Practice Makes Perfect"

The two major exercise systems that determine physical performance are the cardio-vascular system (the basis of all aerobic exercise) and the major muscle system (the location of ATP energy production).

Improved cardio-vascular health can be achieved by exercising in the Training Heart Rate Zone for more than 20 minutes.  This is the intensity of exercise that will give results for improved heart and lung fitness.  The Training Heart Rate Zone measured in beats per minute (BPM), is calculated by; TR=65% to 85% of (220-age).

Muscle system health can be achieved by monitoring diet, exercise intensity and exercise format.  The soft tissue muscles in the human body use chemicals to produce energy.  There are 3 basic energy systems that operate in muscles, ATP, lactic acid and oxygen energy systems.  Each of these energy systems will be developed through the activities in these programs.  Muscle hypertrophy, muscle mass versus fat mass, oxygen carrying capacity and recovery will be discussed further in these programs.



Skating at an above average level of awareness, energy and confidence is skating In-the-Zone.
It is important for the skater to learn what motivates them as a skater, what distracts them and when they are performing at their highest and lowest levels.  The activities in these programs have a group bias to encourage teamwork in achieving the greatest possible results.  Individual work is encouraged.  Additional training activities should be undertaken by the skater to compliment the health and skills focus of these programs.

Skate Physiology

Different bodies respond in different ways to in-line skating.  By isolating body parts with different exercises over a period of time the skater will learn skills and tricks that once seemed impossible.
It is important for the skater to understand the major muscles involved in skating.

In-line skating is a leading form of exercise in Australia due to the fact that so many muscles and joints in the body are engaged in the movement in a low impact fashion.

Other Information

You can join a Public Program or customise a program for your club or group of skaters.  The cost is approximately $6 per person per session for a 6 week program at 2 sessions per week for a group of 15 skaters.
It is compulsory for all skaters to complete a Skate Assessment Form.
You can book on-line.  Just follow the links.

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